1: Impress your guests with this festive Pull Apart Christmas Wreath Appetizer. Perfect for gatherings and a delicious way to kick off the holiday season.

2: Start by arranging store-bought refrigerated biscuits in a wreath shape on a baking sheet. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with garlic salt.

3: Top with shredded mozzarella cheese and pepperoni slices. Bake until golden brown and the cheese is melted and bubbly. Serve hot and enjoy!

4: For a vegetarian option, swap out the pepperoni for diced bell peppers and onions. Customize with your favorite pizza toppings for a unique twist.

5: This Pull Apart Christmas Wreath Appetizer is a crowd-pleaser and will disappear fast. Get creative with different ingredients for endless flavor combinations.

6: Serve alongside marinara sauce for dipping. Perfect for holiday parties, game nights, or a cozy night in by the fire. Easy to make and delicious to eat.

7: Add a sprinkle of fresh herbs before serving for an extra burst of flavor. Your guests will be impressed with your culinary skills and creativity.

8: Don't forget to snap a quick picture for social media before it's all gone. Share this Pull Apart Christmas Wreath Appetizer recipe with your friends and family.

9: This simple yet delicious appetizer will become a holiday tradition in no time. Get ready to wow your guests with this Pull Apart Christmas Wreath Appetizer.