1: Attracting Birds Creating a bird-friendly habitat with feeders, birdbaths, and native plants can attract a variety of bird species to your backyard.

2: Attracting Birds Provide a source of water, like a birdbath, to attract more birds to your yard. Consider adding plants and feeders to create a perfect habitat.

3: Feeding Birds Offer a variety of birdseed blends to attract different types of birds to your feeders. Try sunflower seeds, millet, and suet for best results.

4: Feeding Birds Keep feeders clean and regularly filled with fresh birdseed to ensure a steady food source for your feathered visitors. Clean up any spilled seed to prevent pests.

5: Best Birdseed Choose high-quality, fresh birdseed with a mix of seeds like sunflower, millet, and nyjer to attract a diverse range of bird species to your yard.

6: Best Birdseed Avoid fillers like cracked corn and milo in your birdseed mix, as they are not preferred by most bird species and can create unnecessary waste.

7: Best Birdseed Consider offering specialty seed blends like fruit and nut mixes to attract specific bird species like woodpeckers and nuthatches to your feeders.

8: Best Birdseed Provide a mix of seed types to cater to different bird preferences, such as black oil sunflower seeds for finches and peanuts for jays and woodpeckers.

9: Best Birdseed Experiment with different birdseed blends and feeder designs to discover what works best for attracting and feeding birds in your backyard.