1: 1. Exoplanets with potential for life discovered 2. Black hole merger detected for the first time 3. Water found on the Moon

2: 4. Mystery of fast radio bursts solved 5. Venus may have signs of alien life 6. Supernova explosion witnessed up close

3: 7. Earth-like planet found orbiting Proxima Centauri 8. New images of the Martian surface reveal ancient rivers 9. Evidence of parallel universe discovered

4: 10. Largest neutron star ever detected 11. Milky Way galaxy found to be warped 12. Ancient galaxy found hiding in plain sight

5: 13. Spectacular meteor showers observed from space 14. Interstellar comet makes a close pass by Earth 15. Study suggests the existence of a "Planet Nine"

6: 16. Evidence of water vapor on Jupiter's moon Europa 17. Black hole in the Milky Way spews out gas 18. Supermassive black hole found in a dwarf galaxy

7: 19. First-ever image of a black hole's magnetic field 20. Mystery of pulsating star clusters solved 21. Asteroid impact may have triggered ancient ice age

8: 22. Mysterious signal from deep space baffles astronomers 23. New exoplanet hunting telescope launched 24. Volcanic activity detected on Saturn's moon Enceladus

9: 25. Solar eclipses reveal secrets of the Sun's corona 26. Tiny moon discovered orbiting Neptune 27. Spacecraft lands on asteroid Bennu, collects samples.